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wines exempted from nutritional statements [15-12-2010]

Wines are one of the alcoholic beverages exempted from new rules on food labelling adopted by the Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council (EPSCO) at a first reading of the draft regulations on December 7.
The bill provides for consumer information to be reinforced via new labelling rules which include mandatory information on calorie content and nutrition. The objective of the new regulations is to allow consumers to make an informed choice about products based on clear labelling statements. A raft of alcoholic beverages including wine, mead, beer and spirits were exempted from mandatory statements on nutritional information and ingredient lists. However, the committee will review the exemption over a five-year period starting from the entry into force of the new regulations.

Bron: La Journée Vinicole Edition- n° 242 - 16 decembre 2010